Slow down to go faster


What can you do to boost High Impact Teaming in your organisation?

High Impact Teams learn continuously. As a result, they achieve sustainable results: not once, not twice, but again and again.

Three of our Unicorn colleagues, Stefan Decuyper, Elisabeth Raes & Anne Boon, wrote a book: 25 years of Unicorn experience and scientific research summarised in a simple model for High Impact Teaming. A must-read for team leaders and team coaches, but also for every team member who wants to work with his or her team based on the STEP methodology.


What can you do for more High Impact Teaming in your organisation?

  • Book a HIT the road-Session for your organisation: one of the authors of the book visits your organisation and introduces the most important aspects of the model during a 1h-talk. Contact us via
  • Check out the Team Mirror via The Team Mirror is a free easy-to-use tool based on the model in the book. It reflects the growth potential of your team and helps you to make an impactful change! After you and your team complete the questionnaire you receive an automatically created report in your mailbox. You can use this report to organise a workshop with your team. Already used by over 2000 satisfied users.
  • Last but not least, contact us to book a Unicorn coaching session based on the High Impact Teaming-Model to bring the collaboration of your team to a higher level!